Dream Support Foundation of USA

help, support, empower


The Dream Support Foundation provides a helping hand to the elderly and those in need. We work to empower individuals through education and resources.

We believe that every individual deserves a second chance. Dream Support is committed to providing the resources and support needed to empower our seniors and youths – so they can live their best lives.



— Our Mission

Our mission is to empower and enrich the lives of all generations in our community by providing opportunities for personal growth through sports and educational activities. We strive to inspire and engage youth, educate elders, and support adults in acquiring new skills and knowledge, ultimately leading to a more harmonious and fulfilling society.


— Our Vision

The Dream Support Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering both elders and youths through education and support. Our vision is to create a society where individuals of all ages have access to the tools and resources they need to achieve their goals and dreams.